Increase the Value of Your Home with Recommended Upgrades

Increase the Value of Your Home

Upgrades to Improve the Look and Increase the Value of Your Home

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We just replaced our original, arched kitchen faucet with a Moen pull-down faucet.  Sometimes, just replacing an old, outdated faucet with a newer upgraded model is all you need to freshen up your kitchen. Not to mention these kinds of upgrades will also increase the value of your home.



Increase the Value of Your Home

I love the pull-down faucets.  Since you may need to hire a plumber to crawl under the sink and install it, be sure to buy a good quality faucet that will last.

You don’t want to pay ever increasing plumbing rates to be replacing your faucet every couple of years.

Moen faucets are my preference.  I think they are among the best faucets on the market.  You can always count on them to last a long time and be problem-free.

Check features and prices for Moen Faucets



I have always hated the look of ceiling fans, although they do serve a purpose.  Living in a warm climate, I have to admit they definitely make a difference in keeping the electric bills down during the summer months.  As ceiling fans have increased in popularity, the manufacturers have thankfully introduced some much more attractive styles.

We have now installed ceiling fans in each of our bedrooms to keep everyone cool at night.  Recently, we have installed one in the family room as well. 

When I do opt for a ceiling fan, I prefer Hunter fans. Hunter ceiling fans are always perfectly balanced, they operate very quietly, and last for years.

I had one I loved so much, I took it with me every time I moved.  That fan cooled the master bedroom in three different homes.  I finally agreed to leave it behind when we moved to the new home we are in now.

Increase the Value of Your Home

One time I purchased a different brand of ceiling fan for one of the bedrooms.  I liked the look of the fan, so I decided to take a chance on it.  After running 24 hours a day throughout the hot summer, the fan began making strange noises.  Needless to say, I wound up replacing it with a Hunter fan.
Now, all is quiet once again 🙂

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Hunter Ceiling Fans
Hunter Ceiling Fans


One of the best home decor projects you can do is to install taller baseboards.  The taller baseboards not only increase the value of your home, they also make your home look newer, neater, and cleaner.

This may not be the simplest upgrade, however, it is definitely something you can do yourself, so long as you don’t expect the job to be completed in a day or two.

Increase the Value of Your Home

The first time we made the decision to do this DIY project was when my girlfriend and I decided to upgrade a rental property that we own jointly.  

Since it is a rental, we try to do most things ourselves.  Spending a lot of money on labor and paying to have everything done just means it will take us that much longer to recoup our costs. 

The rental house is only 1500 square feet, so that seemed quite manageable. 

We determined what we needed and just took it one room at a time.  It actually wasn’t all that difficult, and the difference it made in the home was absolutely amazing!

If you decide to tackle the job of installing taller baseboards, you will need to start by taking a utility knife and making a cut in the caulk between the wall and the top of the old baseboard.  This is so you don’t damage the drywall when you pry the old baseboard away from the wall.

This is a project you should definitely put on your list.  You will love the difference it makes in the appearance of your home.  And, when it comes time to sell this upgrade will not only add appeal, it will increase the value of your home as well.


This may or may not be something you will be able to install yourself.  We have a couple of arched windows which face the neighboring homes.  I wanted a couple of custom windows to go in front of those windows.

Replacing my windows was not an option, as they are Milgard windows, which have a lifetime warranty. Additionally, the windows have Low-E glass which filters the sunlight somewhat.  This makes a noticeable difference in the summertime electric bills.

I was able to find someone to make the windows for me.  Instead of replacing the original windows, I nailed a piece of quarter round moulding across the window sill.  The new custom windows sit between the moulding and the permanent window. 

I chose clear glass instead of stained glass.  Some parts are obscured glass and other parts are clear.  But, the clear parts are cut with facets, so no one can really get a clear view inside our home.

My friend down the street liked my windows, and she decided to do the same sort of thing.  Hers are custom designed stained glass with a blue sky and big fluffy clouds.  There are long blades of grass and a few wildflowers coming up from the bottom.  I helped her install hers the same way I installed mine.  She wasn’t willing to give up her Milgard windows either.



Corbels seem to add a certain style and charm to your home decor and are considered to increase the value of your home as well.  Corbels come in all kinds of styles and can be as plain or as ornate as you choose.

If you have a breakfast bar, or perhaps a fireplace in need of a new mantel, corbels are a great way to add interest.  With a breakfast bar which is already in place, installing corbels can be a bit trickier, but certainly not impossible.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Before adding the corbels under the breakfast bar, place the stools at the bar in the position where they would normally be when someone is sitting up to the bar. 

You want to be sure to place the corbels strategically so people will not be bumping their knees on them.  A couple of corbels is probably all you will need unless you have very long breakfast bar.

If you are thinking of adding a mantel to your fireplace, check Pinterest for a lot of really great ideas.  Simply search for “fireplaces with corbels”.

I realize a lot of people may have neither a fireplace nor a breakfast bar.  In that case, you may want to use corbels to design a shelf as a focal point in your family room, or wherever as in the photo above.



If you are still apprehensive as to where to begin, you can find detailed instructions for just about anything on YouTube.  Just be sure the video you choose is being done by a professional, or someone who actually knows the proper way to do things.

It is amazing how many YouTube videos are made by amateurs who have absolutely NO idea what they are doing.  Yet they are trying to instruct others.. (evidently in the fine art of screwing up) !

In one video a young man installed the lever door handle upside down.  In another video, an older gentleman installed a new door with the hinges on the OUTSIDE!  Hello?  All a burglar would need to do is remove the hinges.

I am also amazed at the number of videos where the bed is unmade or the pile of dirty laundry is in the background.  Do these people not have any sense at all?  If someone is such a fool that it doesn’t occur to them to pick up the dirty laundry before making a video for the whole world to see.. you may want to rethink taking their advice on anything.

A better idea may be to go to Home Depot or Lowe’s.  Both of these stores have some very knowledgeable people who are always most willing to help.  Try to pick a time when the store is not as busy so the associate will have more time to spend with you.  Sometimes, they have pamphlets and other written materials that will help guide you as well.

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