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Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas for a Serene and Restful Bedroom

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The fact that we spend one-third of our lives in bed reminds us how important it is that we consider master bedroom decorating ideas that will serve to create a serene and restful Master bedroom.  Everyone needs a quiet, peaceful, and comfortable place to settle in at the end of a long day.

Your Master bedroom should be designed with comfort and relaxation in mind.  It should be a very calming and restful place, with a super comfy mattress and supportive pillows.  It should be a place where you can slip into luxurious sheets and snuggle in for a good night’s sleep with wonderful, soft, plush bedding.


In my opinion a relaxing and restful bedroom needs darker walls.  Or at the very least… one darker accent wall.  I am really not a morning person.  Therefore, I do not want a light and bright bedroom, where the sunlight comes in and bounces off the walls first thing in the morning.  Bedrooms are for sleeping, and I prefer my bedroom to be somewhat darker, with a very cozy atmosphere.

When it comes to painting your bedroom, try using a darker shade of one of the colors in the color palette you have chosen for your home.  You may choose to do just one of the bedroom walls in the darker shade. Maybe you prefer to select a coordinating color as your darker accent wall.

In any case, darker walls in the Master bedroom definitely help to make the room cozier and more restful.


I guess maybe this should have been first on the list.  A dark, cozy atmosphere is not going to help you sleep any better if you have an uncomfortable mattress.

There are always new mattresses being introduced, offering various new technologies.  Buying a mattress can be a major investment.  You want to be sure to get one that you are absolutely in love with and that you will be happy sleeping on for at least the next several years.

If you decide to purchase a mattress online, be sure it is one that offers a trial period.  Look for a company which provides no-hassle returns, and who will pay the return shipping, should you decide their mattress is not the right one for you.

For more information on buying a mattress.. read our post:  Shopping for a Mattress


A headboard may not make your Master bedroom any more serene and restful, but it will definitely give your bedroom a cozier feel.  Also, when you get ready to crawl into your comfy bed, in your cozy bedroom, a fabulous headboard serves to remind you that you are most definitely the Queen.. (at least of your Castle).. and that’s the only one that matters.

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Whatever your design style, a beautiful headboard can be the focal point of your bedroom.  An upholstered headboard is always nice in that it provides a soft backdrop to lean back against when reading in bed.

However, if you love the look of a beautifully carved wood headboard, you will still be able to do plenty of reading in bed so long as you have an abundance of pillows.

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Farmhouse Style and Shabby Chic have become very popular. 
Are you looking for master bedroom decorating ideas more in line with those styles?  
Get inspiration and ideas for bedding sets, curtains, blankets, pillows, throws and more.

Antique Farmhouse Style


The appropriate pillow can be just as important as the perfect mattress.  If you are a side sleeper and the pillow is too soft, your head will sink into the pillow.  This can be uncomfortable and make you feel as though you’re being suffocated.

If the pillow is too high and too firm, your head will be in an unnatural position.  This could cause you to wake up with a stiff neck, and/or a headache.  Be sure to check the various pillow options and find one that is made specifically for the way you sleep.  The perfect pillow should be comfortable for your head and neck, as well as encourage proper alignment of your spine.

Memory foam pillows are very popular and quite comfortable.  However, be mindful of the fact that memory foam retains heat, which can be extremely uncomfortable during those hot summer nights.  There is nothing more annoying than waking up numerous times to keep turning your pillow over to the cooler side.

The cooling gel pillows are nice in the summer months if you live in a hot or humid climate.  Many of these are made from shredded memory foam with an outer layer of cooling gel.  This would seem to be the best of both worlds!

If you have been searching for the perfect pillow and would like more information.. read out post: 
Best Pillows for Sleeping


Once you have the beautiful headboard, the comfy mattress, and the perfect pillow, it is time to focus your attention on some complete self-indulgence with absolutely heavenly bedding!

High quality, high thread count sheets can be a bit pricey.  But, remember, you will be spending one-third of your life in these sheets.  Your comfort, pleasure, and contentment should be of primary importance.

You work hard for your money, so go ahead and splurge on those incredibly divine, high thread count sheets.  Pamper yourself.  You are so worth it!

Some of my favorite sheets are the ones pictured below.
These sheets are 100% Egyptian Cotton – 650 Thread Count and wonderfully soft!
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Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas
100% Egyptian Cotton
650 Thread Count
Egyptian Cotton Sheets
100% Egyptian Cotton
650 Thread Count
Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas
100% Egyptian Cotton
650 Thread Count

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Your Master Bedroom decorating ideas should also include soft blankets.  When shopping for blankets, be sure to pay attention to the fabric content.  Polyester is a fabric that is used a lot, however, I am not a fan.  Polyester is not a breathable fabric and will serve to trap your body heat under the blanket.  This can make you uncomfortable just about any time of year.

Blankets made with 100% cotton have several desirable qualities.  Cotton blankets are soft and breathable, as well as hypoallergenic.  This makes them the perfect option for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

Cotton blankets are the best choice for summer due to their breathable qualities, which will keep you cool on a hot night.  You will find your cotton blankets to be just as comfortable in winter with the addition of a snuggly comforter.

For more blanket ideas and suggestions.. read our post:  Cozy Throws and Snuggly Blankets


Down is by far the superior comforter fill material, as its warmth is unparalleled. Additionally, the lightweight of down gives it breathability. This means that while you will remain nice and warm, you will not wake up during the night, sweating in your sleep.

Finding a down comforter with proper construction is of primary importance. Most fill materials will shift to a degree, but down is particularly prone to shifting.

There are some great down alternatives that will keep you warm as well, while still being lightweight. Down alternatives generally consist of cotton, polyester, and rayon. These materials will create the fluffiness and warmth of down, without adding too much weight.

Down alternatives are generally less expensive than down comforters. Also, many people have allergies and may be allergic to down-filled comforters. Down alternative comforters are hypoallergenic in nature as compared to down comforters.

Another consideration is the fact that many down alternative comforters are machine washable. This makes them much easier to clean, compared to down comforters, many of which may need to be professionally cleaned.

Cotton Down Comforter

Oversized 100% Cotton Down Filled Comforter

Channel stitching will allow the down to shift somewhat within each channel. This may be beneficial if one person prefers more warmth than the other.

In this case, if you were to position the channels horizontally, both sides could benefit from the down having shifted more to one side than the other.

Baffle Box construction (shown at left) may be a bit

more expensive, but this method assures the down stays put and retains maximum loft within each of the boxes.


Whether you choose a down comforter or a down alternative, you will need to purchase a duvet cover.  A duvet cover is easily removed for laundering on a regular basis.  You can find solid color, no-frills, inexpensive duvet covers at Bed, Bath and Beyond, among other places.

There is no need for anything outrageously expensive.  Its only purpose is to protect your comforter from becoming old and worn due to frequent laundering or repeated cleaning.  It is much less expensive to replace duvet covers occasionally, rather than replacing your comforter.

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Comforters for sleeping should be oversized, soft, and warm. However, when you make your bed in the morning, you may want a more luxurious comforter set, complete with matching pillows and matching bed skirt.  A designer comforter set gives your Master bedroom a polished look and an air of luxury and sophistication.

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Croscill Comforters

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Designer Comforter Sets from Croscill


Every bedroom needs a big soft rug.  Not only does this complete the look of the room, but it is oh so nice to step out of bed in the morning and feel something soft and warm under your feet.

Find the perfect rug for your space here:  Rugs


Ideally, you should have several levels of lighting in your bedroom. Table lamps on your nightstands should provide adequate lighting for those times you would like to read in bed.

Table lamps with a night light in the base offer you the option of adding a little ambiance.  However, sometimes it can be difficult to find lamps you like that also feature a night light in the base.
For the ambiance you desire, you might opt for something like a small cylinder lamp or a tabletop torchiere. These lamps come in all different sizes, styles, and price ranges. One of these at one end of your dresser will look pretty by day and provide the required ambiance at night.
A torchiere floor lamp on a dimmer is a nice alternative as well, providing you have space in your bedroom.

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