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Add a touch of tranquility and serenity to your outdoor space with one of our beautiful outdoor fountains.

Outdoor garden water fountains are a great way to transform your space into an oasis.  A fountain can provide that one piece that has been missing from your outdoor décor.

If you enjoy the opportunity to sit back, relax and unwind after a long day, there is nothing more soothing than the sounds of water.

Enjoy the luxury of taking a break in the privacy of your own back yard, and block out distractions with the wonderful water sounds of a cascading outdoor water fountain.

Outdoor fountains are available in a variety of styles, colors, materials, and price points to fit everyone’s needs.  Style, of course, will be the most important factor is selecting your fountain.

The style will depend on your personal taste, as well as the location in which you wish to install the fountain.

Be sure to select a fountain which will not only complement your décor, but also be a good fit for the particular back yard location you have in mind.


First of all you need to consider the perfect location. Do you want something that will be placed on your patio? Maybe you want a tiered outdoor fountain, or one of the stone garden fountains to nestle in with the foliage in a particular spot in your yard.

Once you have decided on the placement of your fountain.. you need to do some measuring. You want something that will fit the scale of your patio or backyard space.

If you are placing it in with the foliage, you don’t want something so big that it appears as though it is crowded in with all of the bushes and/or plants. Nor do you want it so close that the plants will be climbing over and around the fountain so as to obscure it from view.

You want your beautiful outdoor fountain to be a focal point in your yard. Try to place it slightly in front of the foliage, or clear out a defined space for it so that your fountain stands out.


You may have seen some elaborate outdoor fountains. The grand fountains that all of us would love to have gracing our property. But, unless you have a very large piece of property the fountain would look out of place.

Elaborate Fountain

You also need to consider the style of your fountain. The style of your home indoors as well as outdoors should complement each other. That is to say if your style indoors is more contemporary then your outdoor style should follow the same basic guidelines.

When your guests step out into your backyard you don’t want them to feel as though they have stepped into an entirely different time period. If your interior is mid-Century modern.. having a Renaissance style fountain in your back yard might not look quite right considering your design style.


You should consider what features you would like in your outdoor fountain. Some fountains are solar powered, while others require a power source. Your landscaper will easly be able to run the electrical wiring for your fountain, so that shouldn’t be a major concern if the fountain you have fallen in love with is powered by electricity.

Another consideration is lighting. Would you like an outdoor fountain with LED lights.. or would you prefer to light it subtly by focusing your landscape lighting towards the fountain?


As you have no doubt discovered.. there are a lot of outdoor fountain styles to choose from.

Out of all the available outdoor fountains.. our Readers have chosen the following 3 outdoor fountains as their favorites.

Let’s Take a More Detailed Look at The Top Three:

Cascading Urns Outdoor Fountain:
Three spouted water urns are tipped to pour their contents into one another for a soothing, natural display. Rustic outdoor fountain with pillars of varied heights display the urns.

  • 33″ high x 14″ wide x 13″ deep. Weighs 18 lbs.
  • Rustic outdoor fountain features water cascading down three levels, creating soothing and relaxing sounds.
  • Can be used as an outdoor fountain in a patio or garden, or place indoors.
  • Faux stone, ceramic, and wood finishes. Lightweight cast resin construction.
  • Includes fountain water pump and 9-foot cord. Easy set-up and use.

CLICK HERE for more information as well as additional views of this fountain

Cascading Urns Outdoor Fountain

Large Faux Stone Outdoor Water Fountain:
Relax to cascading sounds as water flows from the top and gently works its way down each tiered level of this amazing faux stone outdoor water fountain.

Stone Garden Fountains

This outdoor fountain replicates real stone with added durability and longevity.

  • Made of dependable polyresin and fiberglass materials
  • Dimensions: 38″ H x 27″ W x 23″ D

CLICK HERE for more information as well as additional views of this fountain

Modern Zen Outdoor Water Fountain:
Add a touch of tranquility to modern decor with this gray stone Zen outdoor fountain. It features a striking, nature inspired design with three elegantly arched tiers. A submergible pump ensures quiet operation, while water flows, bringing serenity to any space, indoors or out.

  • 30 3/4″ high x 14 1/4″ wide x 9 1/4″ deep. Weighs 19 lbs.
  • Modern Zen outdoor fountain with water flowing from top basin to two lower areas.
  • Perfect for adding calm and serenity to a patio, garden, or indoor room.
  • Gray stone finish. Lightweight resin construction.
  • Comes with pump and 6-foot long cord. Set up is fast and easy.

CLICK HERE for more information as well as additional views of this fountain

Modern Zen Outdoor Fountain

More of the Most Popular Outdoor Fountains:

Two-Tier Solar Outdoor Fountain with Battery Backup – 35″ High

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Two Tier Solar Fountain
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Bowl and Pillar 34 1/2″ High Modern Outdoor Fountain with LED Lights

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Modern Fountain with LED Lights
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Old-Fashioned 48″ High Wood Wishing Well Rustic Outdoor Fountain

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Wishing Well Fountain
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Cascading Outdoor Water Fountain with LED Lights – 41 1/2″ High

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Four Bowl Fountain
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Stone Garden Fountain – 37″ High

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Stone Falls Outdoor Fountain
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3-Tier Outdoor Water Fountain – 43″ High

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Italian Garden Fountain
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