Shopping for a Mattress – Comparing Mattress Brands

Shopping for a Mattress

Shopping for a Mattress – Find the Best Mattresses for Your Needs

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Shopping for a mattress has become very confusing.  Everyone on the planet seems be coming up with a newer and better idea for a mattress.  Some mattresses are made using steel coils.. others have no coils.  

There is polyurethane foam, latex foam, memory foam, foam infused with cooling gel, and copper infused.

Another new concept in recent years is the hybrid mattress.  These mattresses combine the new materials, such as memory foam, with the traditional coil design of the innerspring mattresses.

Some mattresses are made specifically for back sleepers.  Other mattresses are made for side sleepers or stomach sleepers.

Some mattresses are made using cotton fiber, others are made using wool fiber, polyester fiber, various fiberfill materials, organic materials, hypoallergenic materials, down, etc.  OMG.. Are you confused yet?

Some mattresses have a pillow top.. others have a Euro top.  Do you know the difference?  A pillow top has an additional soft pillow sewn to the top of the mattress.  A Euro top has a soft top layer as well.  However, it is under the top covering of the mattress rather than an exterior addition.


Traditional innerspring mattresses have been the leading technology in the industry for more than 100 years.  While new mattress technologies have emerged, such as memory foam and latex, innerspring mattresses still account for the majority of new mattress purchases.

However, more recently memory foam mattresses have become very popular as well.  Though these mattresses work well for side sleepers, many of them lack the support required for back sleepers.  

When shopping for a mattress, be sure to read the specifics on each mattress you are considering.  They will guide you as to which mattresses offer the proper support and are suggested for back sleepers.

Also, keep in mind that memory foam tends to retain heat.  If you are shopping for a mattress and are considering a memory foam matress you definitely need to make sure the mattress features the new cool comfort technologies.

Many utilize a cool gel-infused upper layer.. or foam layers which have been constructed with an open cell design or other features which help make the foam more breatheable so it will sleep much cooler.


This website does not include all mattress companies or all mattresses available in the online marketplace..

As Interior Designers, we are very selective about the products we recommend.

For our clients who are shopping for a mattress, we have compiled a selection of mattresses which are available at different price points from companies that we feel offer the best quality for the best price.

The mattress companies we have selected also offer free delivery, a respectable sleep trial period, as well as a no-hassle return policy should you decide their particular product is not for you.

While shopping for a mattress, we hope our recommendations will assist you in finding the perfect mattress that will give you the most restful sleep of your life!


Idle Sleep

Idle Sleep is an online “bed-in-a-box” mattress brand. 

Idle Sleep offers several different mattresses to choose from:  Idle Gel Foam, Idle Gel Plus, Idle Hybrid and Idle Latex Hybrid.

  • The Idle Sleep mattress comes with a lifetime warranty for your complete peace of mind.  And, shipping is always FREE!
  • Additionally, Idle Sleep has one of the world’s longest 100% risk-free sleep trials.  You can try out the mattress for 18 months.  If things don’t work out, returns are easy and free.  No questions asked.
Saatva Mattress

Handcrafted with organic cotton, Saatva luxury mattresses are designed with comfort, support, and adjustability options to suit everyone.

Saatva offers a complete line of mattresses to suit the needs of every sleeper.

  • Offering hybrid innerspring mattresses, memory foam, natural organic hypoallergenic, adjustable mattresses and more.
  • Enjoy your mattress in your home for a 180-night, risk-free sleep trial.
Plush Beds Mattress

PlushBeds is a leading online luxury mattress manufacturer and retailer, specializing in organic and natural mattresses.

PlushBeds’ commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and to a superior customer experience has driven them to become America’s largest distributor of organic and natural latex mattresses that are as affordable as they are indulgent.

  • PlushBeds patented Gel Memory Foam Mattress offers improved airflow, dissipating heat and moisture 3 times faster than other memory foam mattresses.
  • Plush Beds Gel Memory Foam Mattress provides greater pressure absorption with superior recovery response for the ultimate memory foam mattress sleeping experience.
  • PlushBeds offers a 100-night, risk-free sleep trial.  If you are not completely satisfied, PlushBeds will arrange pick up of the mattress and provide you a complete refund.
Nolah Mattress

Being a technology driven company, it was essential for Nolah to leverage the latest technology to design a superior mattress.

The Nolah mattress sleeps cooler than any other Memory Foam mattress (with or without cooling gel).

  • The Nolah Air Foam™ mattress is 100% temperature neutral as, unlike Memory foam, it does not contain viscoelastic chemicals.
  • In performance tests, it has shown 4X less peak pressure on the sleeper’s hips and back when compared with traditional Memory Foam mattresses.
  • Nolah offers a 120-night, risk-free sleep trial.  If you are not completely satisfied, Nolah will arrange to have the mattress picked up and give you a full refund.
DreamCloud Mattress

Shopping for a mattress with traditional coil technology? Dream Cloud offers a mattress with individually wrapped coils, which adapt to your sleep shape.

Additionally, luxury-level foam will transport you deep into the depths of dreamland.

  • Individually wrapped coils support your unique body shape and sleeping style.
  • DreamCloud’s gel memory foam and coil system working together to help reduce stuffiness and heat retention.
  • Sleep Trial: Test your mattress over the course of an entire year, in every season during various kinds of weather!
Puffy Mattress

The Puffy mattress features Climate-Adaptive Materials as well as Cooling Cloud™ Temperature Regulation.

Adapts to all sleeping types with Balanced Support and Contouring.

  • Puffy mattresses are designed to meet the needs of every sleeper.
  • The Puffy mattress is guaranteed for as long as you own the mattress.
  • Puffy offers a 101-night, risk-free sleep trial.  If you are not in love with your mattress, Puffy will provide  full refund of the purchase price.
Boll & Branch Mattress

The Boll & Branch mattress is assembled by hand with uncompromising workmanship.

A somewhat firm, supportive mattress with soft coils to provide pressure point relief, allowing the shoulder to sink, while firm coils offer reinforcement for the hip and back.

  • Constructed using ethically-sourced, natural materials, and features the bespoke details of a luxury mattress at a comfortable price.
  • Features individually wrapped coils and organic cotton with a layer of graphite infused latex.
  • Free delivery and a 100-night, risk-free sleep trial.
Bear Mattress

With Bear you can choose from high-quality memory foam or premium pocket coils.

Bear mattresses provide pressure-relief, spinal-alignment and pain-relief where you need it most.

  • Three mattress options clinically proven to provide you a better sleep, so you can start your day fresh.
  • Bear offers a 100-night, risk-free sleep trial.  If you are not completely satisfied, Bear will arrange pick up of the mattress and refund your money in full.

Unimpressed with existing memory foam mattresses, Amerisleep carefully crafted their proprietary Bio-Pur® memory foam.

  • An innovative and proprietary plant-based memory foam with dynamic support technology.
  • Ejnoy quiet, peaceful sleep.  Wake up feeling completely refreshed every morning.
  • Amerisleep offers a 100-night, risk-free sleep trial.  If you don’t love it, Amerisleep will arrange pick up of the mattress and refund you completely!
Performa Sleep Mattress

Affordably priced, the Performa mattress is an 11″ mattress made from CertiPur-US® certified foam with a refreshing cool top layer.

  • The Performa mattress is manufactured in the USA and features antiviral, antimicrobial technology for a cleaner bed.
  • Works with all beds.  Place mattress on any flat foundation.. bed frame, box spring or platform.
  • Provides support.. without sink!  Comes in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and cal king.
  • The company offers a 100-night, risk-free sleep trial on every mattress purchased.

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