Valentine’s Day Decor – A Time for Romance

Valentines Day Decor

Valentine’s Day – A Time for Romantic Dinners and More

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I have always been very fortunate in that ever since I can remember I have had thoughtful men in my life who have made Valentine’s Day a special day for me.

This year.. with the pandemic still being an issue.. I am really not in the mood to go out for Valentine’s Day dinner.  I don’t know about you.. but for me going out to eat just does not seem as enjoyable anymore.

The usually cordial atmosphere has been lost with the whole social distancing thing.  Half the tables are roped off like some sort of crime scene.. and people are spread so far apart it is as though they are all highly infectious.  All-in-all just really not as pleasurable as it once was.. prior to the pandemic.

I decided this year.. we are going to have a romantic evening at home.  I am going to be the one doing all the pampering and the one pulling out all the stops.

Valentines Day Heart
Valentines Day Heart
Valentines Day Heart
Valentines Day Heart
Valentines Day Heart
Valentines Day Heart

I invested in some Valentine’s Day decor.. a couple of cute throw pillows for the family room and a couple more for the bedroom.   I also got the perfect tablecloth for a Valentine’s Day dinner.. embroidered with Cupids.

I already have my Waterford wine glasses.. which normally only get used a few times a year.  I always use them for holiday dinners at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.. as well as the occasional dinner party. I always love finding more occasions to use them.

Valentine’s Day Tablecloth:

This bright red tablecloth, designed with unique cupid embroidery, is sure to set the mood for your Valentine’s Day dinner.

  • Unique embroidered trim
  • 100% polyester
  • Dry clean only
Valentines Day Tablecloth
Waterford Wine Glasses

Waterford “Lismore” Wine Glasses:
Waterford Lismore is fine crystal without being overly formal.  Its everyday elegance is perfect for any occasion.

  • Full-lead crystal
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Ireland


I already have my sexy black satin sheets.. (they are the ones I used to snag him in the first place).  LOL

I also purchased a couple of inexpensive red roses.  I didn’t think he would appreciate me ripping the petals off the ones he traditionally gives me for Valentine’s Day.

The plan is to put the black satin sheets on the bed.. sneak in after dinner and spray the bedroom and the bed with my Lavender spray.. throw some red rose petals all over the bed and plan to be wearing something sexy under whatever I decide to wear for dinner.

Black Satin Sheet Set:
Set includes fitted bottom sheet, flat top sheet and four pillowcases.

  • Available in F, Q, K & CK
  • Machine washable
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Polyester
Black Satin Sheets
Lavender Sheet Spray

Fabric and Room Freshener:
Featuring the lovely scent of freshly cut sprigs of lavender for a beautiful fragrance that will send your senses soaring.  It’s safe on virtually all fabrics, so you can use it absolutely everywhere!

Mist it lightly onto sheets and pillows, or throughout the entire room.

  • 17.75-oz. plastic bottle


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