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Welcome Friends and Fellow Home Decor Enthusiasts !

Thank You so much for taking the time to stop by.  I am honored that you have chosen to visit my About page to learn more about my home decor blog and more about me.

My Home Decor Blog…

I started this blog as a means to help everyday people with their Interior Decorating dilemmas.

Not everyone can afford to hire an Interior Designer, nor do they possess the knowledge of knowing how to do a lot of the things that we do on a daily basis.

I am passionate about what I do, and my mission is to help my readers find the answers

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to their home decor questions and discover solutions to their decorating problems.

I am excited to try and simplify Interior Decorating for all of you through my blog. If you have questions or are confused about anything please do not hesitate to ask questions or post your comments in the comment section below each post.

A Little About Me…

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California has been my home for most of my life.

My older sister was married and living in Southern California. I came for a visit and fell in love with the palm trees and the beautiful beaches.

That was it.. I moved to Southern California and have been living here happily ever since.

I have done quite a bit of traveling.. and although I absolutely love Santa Fe, NM and can never get enough of San Antonio, TX and that awesome Riverwalk.. I can’t ever imagine living anywhere other than in Southern California.

We do have a second home as well in Las Vegas and enjoy spending time over there when it’s not 110 degrees in the shade.

My Passion…

Home Decor has always been my passion.  As a child, I used to enjoy spending time with my aunt and uncle who lived on a very large and spacious piece of property.  My uncle was a home builder and he always had plenty of super HUGE boxes.

He would set them up all over the lawn in the back yard.  My friend Margaret and I would have such fun fixing them up like all the rooms of a fabulous mansion.

We would collect pictures, from magazines and wherever, to put inside on the walls and paint gold scrolls around the edges to simulate ornate frames.  In some of the other rooms, we painted popsicle sticks to put around the pictures as frames of a simpler design.. LOL

We would impose upon my uncle to cut some holes for windows.  We cut pieces of screen and attached them with yarn and a large needle.

By the time I was in Junior High school.. I was frequently rearranging my mother’s furniture and styling floral bouquets and vignettes for our home.  She said by then it was becoming quite clear I was destined to pursue some sort of career in design.

Nowadays, I do Interior Design, stage homes for a few Realtor friends, and enjoy flipping houses.  I buy neglected properties and give them my full TLC treatment.  It is so satisfying being able to turn sad, deteriorating little homes into the adorable properties they deserve to be. 

Again.. Thank You for visiting.  I hope some of the home decor ideas, information, and resources on my site will inspire you to try some new things in your ongoing desire to make your house a home and your home your sanctuary.

Grab a cup of coffee.. sit back, relax and enjoy…

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