Gag Gift Ideas – Unique Specialty Gift Ideas

Gag Gift Ideas

Gag Gift Ideas and Unique Specialty Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

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Gag gift ideas or unique specialty gifts are perfect for those times when you really need to get someone a gift, but you have absolutely no idea what to get.

It may be a boss, whom you would like to give a little something for the Holidays.  But, you do not want to make them feel uncomfortable in any way.  You don’t want to give them anything too expensive as it may give the impression you are looking for special favors.

You don’t want to give them anything too personal as that would not be in good taste.  A nice bottle of wine or liquor is always received well, if they drink and if you know what their drink of choice happens to be.

In some cases you may need a gift for someone who is quite well off and most likely already has everything they could ever possibly want or need.  What do you get for someone like this?

Such is the case with the Royal family, which is why at Christmas time they enjoy having fun with it and come up with some great gag gift ideas for one another.

The Office 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
The perfect white elephant gift for fans of the TV show that became the most popular series on Netflix.

Pop on reruns of the show while doing the jigsaw puzzle for the full immersive experience.

The Office Jigsaw Puzzle
Gag Gift Ideas

Pizza Socks in a Box – 4 Pairs
Have a friend who is an absolute pizza loving fool?
Pizza Socks in a Box are packaged in a box that looks
like a traditional pizza box.

Not only a fun gag gift idea, but actually useful as well.  Fun and laughter guaranteed.  Pizza socks are funny, crazy, colourful and happy!


There are also a lot of unique specialty gifts, such as the one pictured at the top of the page.

Anyone who is in a business where they are dealing with clients day in and day out will certainly appreciate the humor in the glass pictured above.  While the largest percentage of clients are a pleasure to deal with, there are always those who are challenging.  They are difficult, demanding and want everything yesterday.

One of my friends, who is an Interior Designer as well, gave me the glass pictured at the top.  I love it for those days when I get home and just need to sit down with a glass of wine to relax and clear my head before I can even think about getting dinner started.

White Noise Sound Machine – 6 Soothing Sounds
Sounds mimic the natural environment to provide the most relaxing sleep experience.

Thunder, rain, ocean, brook. summer night or white noise.  Auto off timer: 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

Compact and portable for home or travel.  Plug it in at home or or use 4-AA batteries for travel.

White Noise Sound Machine

NOTE:  My significant other gave me this Homedics White Noise Sound Machine.  I like to sleep in on my days off.  Our neighbor has a dog who often barks in the morning when they let him out to do his business.

My significant other gets up before I do and sets my sound machine for 60 minutes.  The sounds are very relaxing and now I don’t even hear the dog barking.  LOVE my little sound machine!

Multi-Device Charging Station

Multiple Device Charging Station with 6 USB Fast Ports
Great specialty gift idea for those who have multiple devices that need charging on a regular basis.

Six 2.4 amp ports charge cell phones and tablets up to 80% faster.  Recognizes devices to deliver the amps needed.

We just got one of these charging stations. I love that there are no longer devices laying all over the house.. plugged in here, there and everywhere.

Nessie Long Neck Tea Infusers – Set of 2
A cute specialty gift for the tea lovers on your list.

Simply fill the bottom half with the loose leaf tea of your choice.

Push Nessie to the bottom of your cup of hot water and allow to steep.

Nessie Tea Infusers
Beverage Cooler Sleeves

Insulated Beverage Cooler Covers – 6 Piece Set
These Premium foam sleeves with double sided design fit cans or bottles.

Unique specialty gift idea for your favorite Retiree.  It’s time they sit back and enjoy the retired life.

My neighbor just retired. He delivered beer for Coors.. so these seemed appropriate. I actually got them 2 sets as they always have a lot of friends over for barbecues.

The Boogey Man Egg Separator
This handy kitchen accessory is a bit disgusting.. but hilarious!

The perfect gag gift idea for someone with a sense of humor who enjoys baking.. or making egg white omelets.

Crack the eggs into the top and gently tilt forward over a bowl to separate the whites from the yolk.

Gag Gift Ideas
Double Wall Glass Mug

Primula 16oz. Double Wall Clear Glass Mug
Another unique specialty gift for the tea lover.  Keeps contents hot while remaining cool to the touch.

The tea bag buddy keeps the steam in while your tea brews.  The unique design also holds the tea bag, preventing it from falling in while the tea steeps.

NOTE:  I am a tea drinker and I actually have four of the Primula Double Wall Glass mugs.  I love these mugs!  The tag on my tea bag no longer falls into my tea.  When pulling the tea bag out it is always very hot!

I love that I can use the green tea bag buddy to squeeze the remaining flavor out of the tea bag without burning my fingers.

Some people have complained that their mugs cracked.  I have had mine for several years and they are holding up just fine.  However, I am very careful in the way I use them.  I never set my mug on the cold granite and then pour in steaming hot water.

I always set the mug on a dish towel.  I pour in about an inch of the boiling water and allow the mug to warm up for a second or two before pouring the rest of the boiling hot water over my tea bag.

These mugs are the greatest thing ever for tea lovers.  They are equally impressive at keeping my coffee nice and hot, and I imagine they work just as satisfactorily for other hot beverages as well. 🙂

Motion Activated Toilet Bowl Night Light – 2 Pack
Great gag gift idea or stocking stuffer for seniors or a friend or relative with a young child.

The toilet sensor light is a high quality light sensor and motion sensor with 9 color settings.

It automatically turns on when detecting movement in low level ambient light.  Remains on for 2 minutes after last detected movement.. allowing time to exit the room.

Toilet Light

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