Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas – Upgrading Bathroom Decor

Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas – Fixtures, Lighting, Mirrors & More

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We always have a lot of questions pertaining to master bathroom remodel ideas and master bathroom decorating.  It seems a lot of people would like to make their bathrooms more attractive but have many questions as to where to begin.

A lot will depend on the scale of your anticipated bathroom remodel.  Will you be replacing everything, including the tub, toilet and sink(s)?

Let’s start off with some smaller, less expensive ideas for your master bathroom remodel.  If you have decided you are ready to do a more extensive remodel, we will offer suggestions for that as well.


As you begin your master bathroom remodeling project, upgrading bathroom fixtures and bath hardware is always a good starting point.  Some people prefer that all fixtures have the same finish, others like to combine a couple of different finishes.

Personally, I prefer that bathroom fixtures all be the same finish, and all from the same design series.  Either of these choices works equally well.  It all comes down to personal preference.

First of all, you will need to decide on your preferred finish or finishes.  Do you like polished chrome, polished nickel, vintage nickel, bronze, the new more understated soft brass, or something else?

As you contemplate your master bathroom remodel ideas.. take into consideration the entire bathroom.  That includes not only the sink faucets but also the tub and shower fixtures.  You will also want to upgrade bath hardware, such as towel bars, the toilet tissue holder, and other associated bath accessories.

Consider your bathroom light fixtures as well.  If the finish of these fixtures is not exactly the same, it should at least complement the finish of your other bath fixtures.


Polished Chrome has been the standard finish for years.  Brushed Nickel was very popular for a time.  It was affordable, and it was something different.  But, Brushed Nickel became so overdone, people are no longer as interested in it as they once were.

Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Satin Nickel replaced Brushed Nickel in popularity for a while.  Now it seems that Polished Nickel and Vintage Nickel have become more popular choices.

Polished Brass was all the rage years ago.  But, it too was being overdone.  Due to brass overload, it lost popularity as well.

Too much of a good thing is never a good idea.  Brass will always be a classic finish, and done in moderation it can be very attractive.

However, with too much shiny, gleaming brass everywhere it can appear rather ostentatious.
Waterfall – Crystal Handle Faucet: (shown above)


The new Soft Brass is gaining in popularity.  It has a warmer, softer patina, is very pretty, and much more understated, with just a hint of luxury.  It is not the shiny, overpowering, brilliant brass of days gone by. Actually, when done tastefully, brass never goes out of style.  It adds a certain look of timeless elegance to any home.

The Rubbed Bronze faucets add an air of sophistication, but they seem to look best in the very large bathrooms in larger, more upscale homes.  In smaller bathrooms, they tend to give the entire room a too dark appearance.

Your new faucets can be plain and un-embellished, if that is your taste, or they can be as glamorous as you want.  Some of the designer faucets with crystal handles can be quite pricey.  But, you only live once, and if you have always wanted a glamorous bathroom, go for it!  The initial price may be a bit of a shock, but within a few days, you’ll be over it. 🙂


If you are planning on putting in a new vanity and/or new sink you should consider upgrading to the 8″ or widespread faucets as shown in the photo above.

The 8″ widespread faucets come in three separate pieces;  the spout, and the hot and cold handles. These look much more elegant and will add a feel of luxury to your bathroom decor, as well as add value to your home.

Centerset Bathroom Faucet

Centerset Bathroom Faucets:

Standard bathroom faucets are 4″ spread or centerset faucets.  These faucets are made for basins with three holes close together and have handles which are 4 inches apart.

They normally come as a single unit and combine the spout and handles mounted on a base plate.


In making your purchases to fulfill your master bathroom remodel ideas.. be sure your new faucets are solid brass construction, rather than plated metal.  Purchasing quality faucets will save money in the long run.  Higher quality faucets last much longer, and you will have fewer calls to the plumber.

Your sink fixtures should match or complement the tub and shower fixtures, as well as the other hardware in your bathroom.  Choosing from a manufacturer’s design series alleviates any guesswork and confusion when making your decisions.  You should be able to find all the matching accessories such as towel bars, towel rings, robe hooks and toilet tissue holders.

And, last but not least; don’t forget about the toilet tank lever.  It should be in the same finish as the other fixtures, whenever possible.  It’s the attention to detail that makes or breaks the end result of your home remodeling projects.


Upgrade Your Bathroom

Since you are in remodel mode.. you may want to consider replacing your toilet with one of the newer, sleeker skirted toilets.

These toilets are neater and cleaner looking since there are no visible bolts at the bottom that collect dust and dirt and always seem to look unsightly.

This means your bathroom cleaning job just got easier!


There are so many wonderful bathroom light fixtures to choose from.  Whatever your style; contemporary, traditional, transitional, minimalist, modern, industrial, glam, rustic, vintage.  You can choose from vanity uplights, downlights, sconces, recessed lighting, track lighting, chandeliers, pendants, and much more.

You can find elegant, plain, funky, sophisticated, ornate, beautiful, bizarre, just plain ugly, and anything in between.  So tell me, with all the choices available, why would anyone want to keep those tacky $5 builder grade vanity light bars in their bathroom?  I always cringe when I see those things in someone’s home.


Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Lately, it seems more and more master bathroom remodel ideas include chandeliers.  We have done several smaller flush mount chandeliers recently, as well as various size hanging chandeliers.

Traditionally, chandeliers have not been that common in bathrooms.  However, the trend of having a chandelier in the master bathroom has been growing in popularity.

Bathroom chandeliers are customarily for ambiance, and not necessarily the main light source for the room.  Therefore, when shopping for your chandelier try to pick something that will complement the other light fixtures in the room.

If you have a high ceiling in your bathroom, you will want to look for a chandelier that is taller than it is wide.  If you have a lower ceiling then the opposite is true.  You will want to look for a chandelier that is wider than it is high.


Measure the height of your ceiling.  Be sure to allow plenty of clearance between the bottom of the chandelier and the top of someone’s head.

If your ceiling is not high enough to allow for a hanging fixture, you may need to go with a flush mount chandelier.

Since bathrooms are steamy locations and are frequently subject to dampness, condensation, etc. be sure the wiring in your bathroom is protected with a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), which will cut power to the fixture if it senses unsafe conditions.

Read more on the subject of lighting and light fixtures in our lighting post which you can find here:
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As you start shopping for mirrors, you will find there are so many lovely mirrors to choose from.  It becomes very difficult to pick just one.  The most important thing you need to consider is; what would you like the mirror to do for the room?

Your master bathroom is where you brush your teeth, style your hair, and carry out your daily grooming routine.  In this room, you probably want something that is appealing but for the most part sensible and functional.

A lot of people are choosing to purchase moulding and frame an existing mirror, rather than invest in a new mirror.  If this option might be of interest to you as part of your master bathroom remodel ideas, you can find all kinds of instructions all over the Internet in regard to framing an existing wall mirror.

YouTube has quite a few videos on the subject.  Some have more detailed instructions than others, but it’s not rocket science.  If I can do this.. so can you!  I have listed a few of my favorite videos.  The first two are the easiest solutions.  The third one is more involved, but the completed project is very nice. 

Take a look:
DIY Mirror Frame Under $30
Framing Bathroom Mirrors
How to Frame a “Builder Grade” Mirror

There are a couple of easier solutions, albeit quite a bit more expensive.  The first one is located in Charlotte, NC.  The other is located in San Diego, CA.

These solutions will provide your own custom, pre-cut mirror frame kit.  There are beautiful framing materials to choose from in a variety of colors, styles, and widths.

If a DIY project doesn’t interest you, there is also a place called where you can order mirrors with custom frames in the exact sizes you want.

Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Rather than a traditional framed mirror in your guest room or powder room, you may prefer a mirror with a little more style.  Lamps Plus has a great selection of mirrors, guaranteed to add an understated elegance to any bathroom.

I recently completed a project for a client in which we used the antiqued silver mirror with acanthus leaf detail shown on the left.

As you search for the perfect mirror, try to find a mirror that is beveled. A beveled mirror has so much more style and is so much more attractive than a plain, flat mirror.

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